Why Remodel your Bathroom? One reason why bathroom remodeling is so common is because the bathroom is the fastest active used room in the house due to high traffic and daily use. Another great factor to remodel is because a quality bathroom will bring the value of your home up, just as an outdated bath can make a home hard to sell on the market. Why use Cano Eixo Construction, Inc. for your Bathroom remodeling, we have a team with diverse skills necessary to handle every aspect of the bathroom remodeling project from start to finish. We have decades of experiences, access to wide selection of bathroom materials, designer, structural designer and tools to meet your needs and get the job done. Our team is fully capable of creating a luxury-level bathroom and meeting all your dreams to transform your bathroom a beautiful retreat for you, your family or friends to enjoy. We can assist you with design and layout and have also worked with a designer locally in these areas as well, we have many experiences renovate and/or extend an existing bathroom, build a new add-on bathroom and while not having the customer worry about pulling the necessary permits and inspections.

Our crew has covered a lot of different aspects of bathroom remodeling project. We are always excited to working with the customer, design and other vendors in the project ideas is always welcomed and our crew has a full spectrum of specific bathroom remodeling task, including but not limited to new tile, wood flooring, removing the existing flooring during demo, subfloor work if necessary. The Cano Eixo team also tile your walls, around the sink or in the shower and create elegance and long term durability that you may be looking for in your bathroom. Customize your vanity with our designer, and work closely with vendors on endless selection for countertop and backsplash options and decorative extras, also including mirrors and framing to complete the look that you are looking for. Remove your old, possibly leaky toilet and upgrade or replace wit with a newer model. We know how to minimize the chances of leaks and back-ups so your subflooring. We can help create new and exciting lighting over showers, bathtubs, vanities and etc using top of line LED energy efficient materials.

Our service includes as well replacing or upgrade old faucets, shower heads, sinks, and drains. We can handle all your plumbing needs including moving water lines to a new location. If you need adding extra insulation and or energy efficient windows and doors to improve bathroom ventilation we are happy to help. Add small details to help create a big difference in the functionality of your bath with storage, fixtures, heated towels, heated floors, vanity area shelving, and much more. Install a new tub, deep soak tub, or put in a new shower stall with a sit-down bench and much more we are happy to help and create your dream come true bathroom.

Cano Eixo Construction, Inc. specializes in Bathroom Remodeling projects in San Francisco Bay Area in California. We are here to help each step of the way and we look forward to hearing your bathroom remodeling ideas. For a complimentary site visit call us today. 925-724-9076

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